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Mission Statement

Bryte Christian Academy is committed to providing a Biblically-based, academically excellent education in a nurturing, family environment so its students can effectively accomplish the purpose for which they were created and impact the world for Christ.

Philosophy of Education

Bryte Christian Academy will embody and promote the spirit of individual excellence through the highest quality teachers, broad based family and community support, and programs that are biblically based. Bryte Christian Academy will be the alternative school of choice enabling children to reach their full potential and perform successfully on standardized testing at the national level. Bryte Christian Academy will become a model school for educating children regardless of their current academic and social status. Accordingly, the following points summarize the Philosophy of Education for Bryte Christian Academy:

  • We believe that education is the process of developing a person spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically through understanding and applying truth.

  • We believe that the Bible is the foundation of learning.

  • We believe that the school does not take the place of parent and church nurturing but works with the parents together to complete the growing process in a child's life.

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